My name: Lesiley Susan Mathew

Can you believe that I have never missed a DTAC conference in the last five years since I joined Toastmasters? Every year, my family and I pack up and go for DTAC – my daughters are gaveliers who love to hear speeches and my husband just loves to dilly dally and show up for the delicious meals. I make it a point to attend the district council meeting every year to witness the parliamentary procedures, especially the elections and speeches and hope to be a district excom member running that show someday! You’ll never witness such a unique democratic process anywhere else. In addition, the contests are a great time to learn from the best and dream of becoming a district champion someday. The contests are followed by the district leadership awards! It is a moment of pride for every leader in Toastmasters to be called on the stage to be recognized for their hard work and dedication through a district award! This DTAC 2020 is special to me for one additional reason: I have always wanted to meet Dhananjaya and he will be one of the keynote speakers at the DTAC this year! That’s an icing on the cake! DTAC 2020, here we come!

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