District Toastmasters Annual Conference is a much awaited and anticipated event each year for every Toastmaster member! When I joined Toastmasters eight years ago, I had no clue what DTAC is all about. Eventually I had witnessed the grandeur, the elegance and eloquence of DTAC when I had finally attended it in 2017. It was indeed an experience to cherish, the nail biting contests, articulate keynote addresses, training sessions by world champions and an unmatched opportunity to network! Be it the camaraderie, be it the learning by listening to champions or be it just being a part of an international conference, I had a memorable experience. It was at DTAC Bahrain, that I had realized why DTAC is such a hyped event year after year among fellow Toastmasters. The icing on the cake was, we had two winners from Qatar, TM Nisha as evaluation champion and TM Deepak as Humorous speech first runner up. Since then, it has been an absolute pleasure to wait for DTAC each year and be a part of its learning and excitement!

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